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Message from DIRECTOR

A week ago it was reported in a newspaper that a mother of three near Hafizbad Pakistan, suffocated her children, aged Two to Five years, therefor trying to commit suicide by slitting her own throat. It is hard even to imagine what must have been going through the mind of the mother. Police said she had been having financial difficulties and she did not know what to do with her children.

This was a horrendous event which actually shook my whole being, but importantly this is not the first time such an event is reported in recent months and sadly it will not the last. This is the state of affairs in our society, in Pakistan where we need hundreds of shelters homes for children and it has dawned upon me that Late Shamim, the founder of Jannat-Ul-Firdous Trust must have
seen such situations to conceive such a project while I was living in an affluent and opulence society in Dubai where it is hard to imagine the pain of such a mother not just emotional pain, actually it is physical wrenching which numbs the body.

Such cases are a tip of iceberg as the situation is so bad that it is sinful to have any spare money lying in bank not to spend to extricate the little souls from the pit of deprivation and helplessness. In view of the situation, I would urge all noble minded people to come forward and join us in this task. I would ask our colleagues who are already putting in efforts and are associated with our trust to redouble their endeavors for this noblest cause. Actually, I believe it is the best investment that one can make for this worldly life and for the life thereafter. When I say in this world you
extend your help to these deprived and dispossessed families who are leading a miserable life and as such help these little angels to grow up as useful members of society. This is why our Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, who play any role on bring up the orphans and the deprived little children, would be with me in Jannat like two of my fingers.