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Brarkot College for Girls Visit

Brarkot latest visit 29th January 2015

Shamim Mahmood (Founder/CEO) visits Brarkot School for an inspection of the progress on the new College for Girls which was officially open in December 2014. Welcomed by the Principle Mr. Waqas Hussain Shah who duly took her around the School and the new College. The College built on top of the school has four new classrooms and in addition a library, laboratory room, admin office, staff room, washrooms and an exam hall.

The school is in a state of high security due to the recent incident in Peshawar, and security measures are in place with two armed guards patrolling the school. Construction of two security posts are underway, one located by the main gate and one located on the roof. To add to the security barb wire is in place on the perimeter wall. There is a requirement for six CCTV cameras to be installed one on each corner of the site, one by the main gate and one inside the courtyard. A UPS unit is needed for the lights and two walkie talkies needed to add to the security which will operate on a 24hr basis.

Classrooms are all completed with electrics and finishes. There is still the need for additional chairs and desks.

Library to be relocated into the main exam hall whereas there is ample room for proper bookcases and tables which is required. Also a collection of books on various subjects is required.

Staff Room completed with electrics and finishes, requires chairs and table.

Admin Office completed with electrics and finishes, requires chairs, desk and filing cabinets.

Science Laboratory completed with electrics and finishes. The lack of shelving and storage units to store the specimen jars and chemicals is needed. Additional scientific utensils and equipment would also be needed, plus a preparation work top for experiments to be carried out.

Exam Hall is in the process of putting a new staircase leading up to the roof. All electrics are in place and painting finished. The hall requires furniture such as desks and chairs to accommodate the students to take their exams.

Roof top a new four foot perimeter wall to be constructed to give the children additional play areas. A new security post is presently under construction with the shell and roof completed. Render, electrics and paintwork to be completed within the month of February. Furniture for the room is needed.

With the school up and running for the past 7 years, there is still minor maintenance works to be carried out. Due to the harsh weather during the long winter months (October-April) certain areas have taken their toll, these are in due course are being repaired or replaced.

Generally the school and college is running very efficiently and the children are well disciplined and exceptionally good mannered. There is an air of confidence that comes from all the children especially from the kindergarten children who were keen to demonstrate what they had learnt.

An additionally visit sometime after March 2015 to oversee all the completed works.



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